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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It’s stressful,,,

Rat race and parental pressure lead to depression

Many are those who have grown out of their student skin, many striving to grow out of it, akin to the caterpillar which struggles to shed its skin and morph into a butterfly. It is a struggle, yes, but how else would such a beautiful butterfly emerge? It is not to be hastily understood that a student’s life is only a struggle. 

It is a concoction of various ingredients, both sweet and sour, probably a bit spicy too!
In the contemporary situation, the life of the student community is to an extent controlled by external forces. Cut-throat competition, semesters, paucity of time and the rat race have all increased students’ stress levels. 
Yet, it is also true that one learns social skills, self-confidence and acquires knowledge.
But the question that arises at this juncture is whether the system really takes the student on the path towards knowledge or is it mere rote learning for the sake of those “deciding” marks?
There are many instances of a student visiting a psychologist to overcome stress and depression, which is not a very healthy trend. The culprit to a certain level is the stiff and often unhealthy competition. However, parental pressure and societal expectations also contribute. 
A person can perform any task to the best of his/her ability. If one feels overburdened, the performance suffers. How fair is it? It only ruins the confidence level and psychology of the student. This trend probably ought to undergo a sea change. However, one need not draw a conclusion that a student’s life is all work and no play. A student is not dogged by the worries that bother the adults. 
The fun and frolic associated with a student’s life is enviable. A combination of some fun and work will result in a better outcome. There does not seem to be sufficient time to develop any extra-curricular activity. If a student concentrates on one area of learning, then there are chances of the individual emerging a failure in other spheres, whether academic or non-academic. 
It is indeed tough to balance both. The solution could probably be in changing the attitude of parents and society, who consider only the academic success of a student.
The life of a student is often glorified to such an extent that there are chances of some students mistaking this as the reality. Many a times, students ape models they see on celluloid and sometimes complain about the reality. And also those who have completed their education may recall their student days as being the golden period of their lives. 
But there are chances of them having complained about the flip side of a student life and the stress while they were students themselves.



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