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Monday, January 31, 2011

A time to question ourselves

Our friendship is confined only to 'mass class bunk', enjoyment and roaming aimlessly. "Is it competition or jealousy that overshadows our honesty"? Straight from the heart of students

FUN UNLIMITED Making the most of their newfound freedom.
 It's time for juniors to step into their college. A place where they feel as though their souls are liberated from the bondage and baggage of books, their wrist watches can decorate themselves to have fun and rest after having a tough time with their second's hand.
It's true that we enjoy freedom in college, but for a moment, the quivering lips of my junior, her simplicity, and her two shoulder bag, were all triggering at me one question that: "Are you still living those morals and principles you have learnt in your past years of education?" 

I wonder if we are the same ones as we were a couple of years ago. Be it the case of respecting teacher's, loving friends, or caring for classmates, are we mere hypocrites or is our sincerity genuine? The reply is obvious.
I sincerely feel that most of our collegians are too busy to acknowledge the concern they receive from their "marking machines". 

But what really astonishes me is that we don't find ourselves guilty showing such disrespect in our thoughts and attitude towards our lecturers. "Did our conscience lose its voice or have we turned a deaf ear towards it?"
I don't think we can really find Shakespeare's Antonio and Bassanio in today's world of complicated relationships.

  Our friendship is confined only to `mass class bunk' enjoyment and roaming aimlessly.
We are helpful only when helped, truthful only about a third person and spend hours in gossiping.

However I cannot skip the concern a student has, when he remains silent and does not disturb his classmate's sleep in the middle of a lecture. "Is it the competition or the jealousy that overshadowed our honesty?"
It's high time we stop pretending and be sincere before we are misled by our chaotic freedom.
Apart from building this society into a techno savvy world, it is also our duty to make it a better place to live.
Why don't we start treating words like compassion, concern, honesty, punctuality and respect not just like `adjectives' in English language, but great and rare qualities a person should posses. 

Samantha Tamma

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