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Monday, January 31, 2011

Let zeal spice up your life

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Enthusiasm brings a breath of freshness to even mundane activities. It livens up the day and drives one towards knowledge, experience and invention

  IT LIFTS YOU UP: Enthusiasm keeps you going.

      A person went to a forest to meet a saint and asked him, "People say you have a magic coin and anyone owning it will never feel unhappy. Is it true?" The saint smiled and showed him the coin. "I want it and will pay for it. Give it to me," said the stranger. The saint politely said that it was not for sale. 

It was getting dark and as it was hazardous to go back through the woods, the saint offered to let the stranger sleep in his hut. The stranger spent a sleepless night since he wanted to own the coin at any cost. While the saint was sleeping, he searched the entire hut but could not find it. In the early hours, when the saint went out for his morning rituals, he checked even his bed and other belongings, but there was no trace of the coin.
Right here, right now
Suspense dominating guilt and the stranger confessed his misdemeanour and requested the saint to reveal where the coin was. The saint smiled and pulled up the pillow on which the stranger slept earlier. To his astonishment, the coin was right under it. "You have searched everywhere except here," said the saint to the traumatised stranger.
"Pleasure is always under your pillow. People go all over the place looking for peace, not being aware of the truth that it dwells within their mind." The divine dharma: A state of tranquillity can be achieved only when one carrries out his duty (dharma) cheerfully.
A student who does not have the zeal to acquire wisdom during his learning career can never be at peace, however happy he may appear to be outwardly.
Way to wisdom
Enthusiasm is the origin of wisdom. Two million years ago man did not know terms like family, society, reputation and prosperity. Enthusiasm made him intelligent. Taste and beauty became a part of his culture. After discovering salt and the concept of boiling, he knew how to cook biryani (the word is derived from the Persian word `birian' which means `fried before cooking').
"Drilling oil from earth? Just impossible," said people in the 1860s. "Telephone has many shortcomings to be seriously considered as part of communication," was the opinion in 1870. "Computers may weigh not more that 1.5 tonnes," said scientist in the 1950s. Even Bill Gates said in 1981 that 640K ought to be enough for anybody.
People are thrilled whenever a new product is invented. Patent offices are always kept busy with new inventions. The human race is continuously searching for ways to lead a more blissful life. And this is enthusiasm.
Live every moment
Wayne Dyer, the author of famous books like `Sky's the limit' and `Your erroneous zones', says, "I have eight children, and I couldn't tell you how many concerts and basketball matches I have attended for them. Each time I attend, I pretend this is the very first time I've ever done this and the experience comes alive. Or I think that this is the very last time I'll ever get to have this experience, and again my enthusiasm soars.
Anytime you are beginning an activity, like walking along the beach or attending a party, pretend it is both the first and last time you are doing it. This gives you a fresh eye and a sense of enthusiasm for whatever you are doing." 

This mantra also applies with regard to studies. Think of the President and Prime Minister of our country. They have to walk three kilometres a day and shake hands with a hundred people on average. At close an advanced age how can they do it so cheerfully? It is enthusiasm that gives them energy. Again think of people who retire at the age of 30. Now decide to which group you wish to belong to.

Yandamoori Veerendranath


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