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Thursday, February 10, 2011

50 Ways To Use Twitter

50 Ways To Use Twitter

Twitter is an amazingly powerful tool for promoting your Squidoo Lens, Blog, Business and more. So check out these cool ways to educate, inform, enlighten and amuse people. Just remember, you've only got 140 Characters so stay on your topic!

A Little Birdie Told Me... 

Twitter is one of those really unique sites that allows you to become a leader just by letting people know what you're doing in the world. Sound cool? It is...but a word to the wise...don't abuse your power. Just like "The Force" Twitter needs to be respected. So before I give you my "50 Ways To Use Twitter", I'm going to give you few ways NOT to use Twitter:

1) Don't SPAM people. Very simply, we all know what it is...but sometimes it's easy to let a little slip in. The
best way to lose followers is to drive them crazy with Spam.

2) Don't over do it. When Twitter asks, "What are you doing?" we don't need update every half-hour. Be relevant, resourceful and current and you'll make a lot of friends.

3) Don't insult, abuse, belittle or be a meanie.

50 Ways To Use Twitter 

  1. Tell people what's blooming in your Garden.
  2. Give a little Grandmotherly Love.
  3. Use twitterfeed to feed your blog to twitter.
  4. Help spread the word about keeping cool dogs out of hot cars!
  5. Announce your artwork "Pick of the Week" on Zazzle.
  6. Let people know the 411 on ebay.
  7. Give 10 Bright Ideas to Make Your Home Energy Efficient.
  8. Use Squidcasting.
  9. Show people The Funniest Squidoo Lensmasters.
  10. Ask who would win in a fight? Kool-Aid Man or Hawaiian Punch's Punchy?
  11. Invite your friends to play Moola!
  12. Share the life story of your Toyota Truck.
  13. Explain why Orlando Attractions are the best Ever.
  14. Let people know what Basa is.
  15. Invite people to join your Charity Challenge!
  16. Tell people that Kenny Chesney is Hot in more ways than one!
  17. Show off the Hottest Tattoo Pictures and Designs!
  18. Showcase the Top 10 Tiki Bars.
  19. Give out some Inspirational Messages.
  20. Use twhirl!
  21. Support a Presidential Candidate.
  22. Sell your Lenses.
  23. Show off The Coolest Blogs Featuring Squidoo Ever!
  24. Educate with Baby Poop 101.
  25. Show why Cats are Smarter than Dogs.
  26. Sell them a Unique Toilet Seat.
  27. Ask a fun question like: If you were a robot, and I knew but you didn't, would you want me to tell you?
  28. Introduce people to a cool sport!
  29. Show people how they can recycle.
  30. Promote a movie!
  31. Tell people how much you Love Squidoo!
  32. Confess!
  33. Share a Recipe.
  34. Sell your art!
  35. Promote your Blog!
  36. Brag about a well deserved accomplishment!
  37. Share your Ancient Greece Odyssey.
  38. Show people how to have some outdoor summer fun!
  39. Share your quest for a greener life.
  40. Tell people I mog di narrisch gern.
  41. Educate people about Making Every Freshwater Aquarium: The Best Freshwater Aquarium Ever!
  42. Start a stylish new Trend!
  43. Tell people your Claim To Fame!
  44. Invite people to join your Poll!
  45. Bring back a retro look!
  46. Offer your Squidoo Services.
  47. Promote you book.
  48. Share your hobby.
  49. Share some ideas!
  50. Invite people to follow you on Twitter
Bonus Tip - Let people know who you'd like to win on American Idol!  

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