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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How much is your Website Worth?

I found this cool website, which tell your website worth in dollars. I don't think it is very accurate, but it is fun never the less.
My Site Value ,determine the value of your website on basis of daily page view, back links, page rank, Dmoz listing and stuff. As far as I think they extract data from various sources such Google, Yahoo, Alexa and more, then feed it into their algorithm to give out a value. The better use of this tool would be to do relative comparison rather than going for absolute value.


My website was worth 26$

Estimated Price:26 $
Daily Pageviews:70
Daily Unique Visitors:27
Daily Ads Revenue:0$
Monthly Ads Revenue:6.3$
Site Title:crajay
Meta Description:< meta description is missing >
Meta Keywords:< meta keywords are missing >
Last Updated 0 days ago


Do tell me what was your website worth?


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