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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Its all about blogging......

I have a list of the best blogging platforms online to help you choose a home for your blog. Find good services and scripts to use, vote for your favorite blog platforms and even add them to the list yourself. I include both paid and free blogging sites, so you can select the one that suits your needs best.

Blogging is great because it allows you to share your thoughts with thousands of other people. The great sites I list here make starting a blog easier than ever.

Best Blog Platform List 


Wordpress has both hosted and self-install versions, both free to use. It's one of the best blogging platforms, and the most popular by far. WP is open source and has a big community of people creating new templates and plugins. The hosted version (Wordpress.com) doesn't allow you to put any ads on your blog, while the self-install one gives you full control over your blog.9 points
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Blogger is a great free blogging platform from Google that offers nice templates, widgets, mobile blogging, and money making opportunities by displaying AdSense ads on your blog. They also offer unlimited bandwidth and let you use your own domain for free.9 points
TypePad is a paid blogging platform that does not offer a free version. They have professional designs, widget support, mobile blogging and detailed visitor stats. It doesn't offer as much control over your blog as you'd get using a blog script on your own server, but if you don't mind that, TypePad might be just what you need; it requires less maintenance than a self-hosted site, too.3 points
Tumblr is probably the best blog platform for microblogs. It's very simple and easy to use, but they do provide advanced features like detailed visitor statistics, and allow you to park your own domain. You will find that a lot of blogs are picture or video blogs with very little text content.2 points
Posterous is a free content publishing platform that's designed to make mobile blogging as easy as possible. Users can post new entries on their websites by sending e-mails from their PC or cell phone, and even include attachments (both actual files and links, e.g. Youtube). It's integrated with a variety of social network services like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.2 points
Weebly is a free web site creator which allows users to make webpages and blogs with a few clicks, simply by choosing a theme and the widgets they'd like to use. They don't have any ki.nd of bandwidth restrictions, offer over 70 professional designs and let you use your own domain. It's more than just a blog platform, but it's a great choice for bloggers as well.1 point
Serendipity is yet another PHP-powered, free and open source blog and content management system. It offers easy management with one-click plugin or theme installs, automatic updates and good stability and speed.1 point
OnSugar is a stylish free blogging platform that allows you to easily share content with the world. It has a simple interface, an integrated ad system for making money with your blog, allows custom domains and gives you access to Getty Images.1 point
LiveJournal is a popular social media site which allows its members to write journals (blogs) on a variety of different topics. It's very focused on the community aspect, with people voting on the best posts, discussing them and sharing their content.0 points
TextPattern is a content management system (CMS) that's easy, flexible, and suitable for blogs as well. It's free, open source software and a good alternative to Wordpress. You will need to install it on your own server since they do not offer free hosting services.0 points
MovableType is a popular, open source, free blog platform that is a good Wordpress alternative if you're looking for stand alone software to use with your own hosting. They have an active community which creates free plugins and templates, even if they're not as big as Wordpress.org is.


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